Brave new world, Promiscuity vs. Monogamy: Lenina & Bernard

 “Brave New World” Compare and Contrast Paper You need to make sure your quotes are embedded correctly and apply to your main idea. Also, you need to make sure you check your grammar and mechanical usage. This paper is worth 100 points. Intro Paragraph #1: This is the paragraph that has a hook, a few sentences that overview how your topic is evident in “Brave New World”, and then a discussion of how your theme is shown in Huxley’s society. Intro Paragraph #2: This is the second introduction paragraph. You will need to remember to give an introduction of your characters. You will need to include a brief overview of how your characters relate to the theme you developed in the first paragraph. Finally, you will need to include your thesis statement (both characters along with the theme need to be included). Body Paragraph x3: You can compare and contrast how your characters show your topic or don’t show your topic in different ways. You will need 2 quotes per body paragraph (6 total). The easiest way, in my opinion, would be to have a body paragraph devoted to one character. Your second body paragraph would be devoted to your second character. The third body paragraph would be comparing and contrasting both of your characters. A different way you could format your paper would be to compare and contrast your characters in each of the three paragraphs. Meaning, you would have one three different examples (1 per paragraph) of each character either showing how the topic you were assigned applies to them or how they don’t fit the topic you were assigned. Conclusion: You need to reword your thesis statement, summarize and bring your main points together, and leave the reader with a broad thought that reflects or relates to your thesis statement. Promiscuity vs. Monogamy: Lenina & Bernard Lenina (Promiscuity)-sleeps around with several different men, belt of contraceptives prescribed by society, can’t comprehend the concept of growing old with someone, soma a gateway to her promiscuity Monogamy-stays with Foster for four months without sleeping with anyone else, desire to be with John (further than just lust) Bernard (Promiscuity)-sleeps around after John arrives, partakes in the ‘orgy porgy’ Monogamy-doesn’t like the idea of disrespecting women, doesn’t like to discuss sex in public, uncomfortable during the ‘orgy porgy’, doesn’t like to take soma, before John-doesn’t have a lot of meaningless sex, lonely in the ‘orgy porgy’, before John-desires Lenina (courts her)