BSBINM501A Manage an Information

BSBINM501A Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System Solved
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Part A: Training requirements and learning activity In class Week 8 For this part of the assessment you are required to conduct a learning activity and then submit a brief report. Learning activity Assume you have done a LNA for an organisation and have identified a specific learning need. You are to organise and present a learning activity for that need. For the purposes of this exercise, the “specific learning need” identified is a skill or knowledge that you already have (it can be anything). The activity should take approx. 5 mins and you will be training your fellow classmates (done in groups) You must bring any resources to that you need. Do not assume you will have access to the overhead projector. This activity will take place in class in week 8. Report on Part A Week 10 Submitted a short (1 – 1 ½ page max) report that includes (bullet points accepted)  how you could identify the learning needs of an organisation a brief description of what your activity was how you identified and secured the resources for it how you felt the effectiveness of your training was