Develop a project plan (BSBPMG522A)

Referencing Styles : Harvard
Your task is to select a business related project and develop a detailed project plan. You are required to discuss the suitability of your proposed plan ‘topic’ with your trainer prior to commencing the Assessment Task.
Projects to consider for your assessment:
Development of a new staff recruitment and selection process for your department or organization.
A training plan to improve occupational health and safety compliance (reduction of accidents and incidents)
A training plan to improve customer service standards.
Introduction of a new information technology into an organization / department.
Implementation of a plan to introduction a new production process
Publication of a newsletter
You will need to describe and define the project, in context. Explain why such a project would be beneficial. Describe procedures might you use to ensure that the project is ‘sponsored’ and supported by the by organisation.
Your Project Plan must have a cover page, contents page, executive summary that describes the project and the business context, and appendices / references as required.
Your Project Plan must consists (as a minimum) of the following major components that are to be based on your nominated project:
Task 1:  Project Description / Scope
Task 2:  Stakeholder Analysis
Task 3:  Project Schedule, Work Breakdown Structure, Budget allocation
Task 4: Risk Analysis and Work Health and Safety (WHS)
Task 5: Project Communications
Task 6: Project Budget
You are required to research and compile information for your project using the tools and materials provided (or sourced by you). ATMC has provided a range of Project Management templates located in your ‘Student Resources’ folder online as a guide to assist you.
Your Project Plan must clearly demonstrate how the various components are used as an aid in managing your designated project and must be applied consistently with your project objectives.
Project Description / Scope
Provide a project title (ie Office relocation, software upgrade, purchase of new equipment)
Describe the project, what you aim to achieve, and by when (this must be a SMART objective – a beginning date and a completion date)
Project scope (what is in scope / what is out of scope)
List and describe the Stakeholders involved in your project and their responsibilities
Provide an estimated budget for your project based on the Work Breakdown Structure
Describe any potential risks that may impact on your project (quality, cost and time) and how they will be managed (based on your Risk Analysis)
Any other information that you feel is important