Ability to create appropriate project management documentation su | NO PLAGIARISM

Learning Outcomes:
1. Ability to create appropriate project management documentation such as business case, project charter, and Gantt chart and in doing so to demonstrate project management skills.
2.  Critical appraisal of project management approcahes and methodologies.
3. Critical analysis of literature related to contemporary issues in project management
4. Critical appraisal of the role of project manager in implementing successful IT projects and the social, ethical and legal responsibilities of a successful project manager
Assignment 2
Students will be required to produce a 1500 word project management report which should include and discuss project documents related to their final project. These documents should include business case, project charter, work break down structure and Gantt chart. Students should also select a contemporary project management issue and write a critical summary of the selected issues and reflection on how this will change the project management life cycle practices by referring to current project management literature. This assignment will be submitted in week 12.
Deliverables of Assignment 2 Task
Task 1
In this task, you are required to prepare a business case for your selected project. Your business case must include the following:
a) Strategic overview and justification for undertaking the project.
b) The rationale for the selected option
C) Risk evaluation of the alternate options
d) An evaluation of the costs and benefits in the project [25 Marks]
Task-2: Prepare a project charter for the project. The project charter should clearly state the scope, objective and people participating in the project. Prepare a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for the project from the project charter developed in task-2. Prepare a Gantt chart from the WBS. [25 Marks]
Task-3: Evaluate the role of the project manager. Critically discuss the main tasks the project manager performed during the project, and give your judgment about the quality of the project manager’s work. [15 Marks]
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