Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway: A True Story

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Write an essay that examines the overall tone or stance of Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway: A True Story. Here are two questions to consider when developing a thesis for your essay: Does Urrea seek common ground or confrontation with readers (is the tone conciliatory or aggressive)? Does Urrea envision his readers as insiders or outsiders (is he inclusive or exclusive)? As indicated above, you must supplement your argument with material from Baca’s, Espada’s, Anzaldua’s, or Rodas’s texts.
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isual portrayals are able to communicate considerably more messages than words and noises, so they are coherently the main field to semiotic analysis of any television advertising. The viewers process and adopt the images more faster and recollect them more than the words (Vyekalova, 2007). The images do not send just important information, but they also serve for creation of mood – the whole emotional influence on the recipient, similarly as music. Mostly, in advertising, dealing with colour, shape, and font, as well as with perception of persons or specific emotions. It is noteworthy to understand that knowing of each of the elements may differ in various cultures and social classes, because the advertisements are formed by the culture and, on the contrary, assist them to form the bind. It is not possible to rely on generally valid symbols, because they are culturally determined. The advertising presents the product in relation with standards related to a supposed lifestyle of a certain social group and the presented products may become symbols of social status on the basis of effective advertising campaign”, psychologist Elena Hradiská points out (Hradiska, 1998). Advertisement construct, form and manipulate the perception and the behaviour of its consumers and the outside. All the symbols are paying an immeasurable service of presenting and apprehending the culture and the world. Theoretical background clearly immerge the interdisciplinary doctrine with vast range of topics to make consciousness on the academics and public on this purpose. One of the most prominent theories, Mick’s schema theory has fused semiotics and showed the viewer’s its capacity of specialization of the social structure, processing and involving attitudes, memory and cognition as well as written and spoken text (Brewer and Nakamura 1984). Goal, knowledge and text schemata are the three popular genres of schema theory of Mick proposed into marketing communication research. The goal and knowledge schemata are important factors and probably make the relations with both marketers and consumers. According to Mick, the text schemata mainly involves in the linguistic massages in marketing communication. This schema theory has the ability to enrich the marketing communication study. Some scholars like Sherry highlighted that the advertising is a cultural document, a way of presenting and apprehending the world (Sherry 1985, P.1). Each and every advertisement is included in cult>