How societies,post-authoritarian and dictatorial societies has depicted the atrocities, the demands for justice, the memories

We have seen during this course how societies (post-authoritarian and dictatorial societies) has depicted the atrocities, the demands for justice, the memories, etc and how through films and literature all these themes were illustrated and explored. We have seen films, we have read novels and poems and we have discussed each one of them. So, I am asking you to write a paper choosing one of the many novels, poems, and films that narrate those themes, that arise after a dictatorial regime, and analyzed it. As I mentioned before, the minimum pages will be 4. I know that many of you have chosen “The Feast of the Goat” by Mario Vargas Llosa. I expect that you will read the novel (or most of it) so you will elucidate the factual versus the fictional violence of Trujillo for example. You are free to choose the title and that will help you to narrow the research: “Gender and sexual violence in The Feast of the Goat” “Urania and the dangers of being a woman during Trujillo’s time” for example. For those interested in films: there are many films that portray the diverse dictatorial regimes in Latin America.