What is the difference between shonen manga and shojo manga?

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1. What is the difference between shonen manga and shojo manga?
2. What is hentai?
3. Differentiate these three terms: tankobon, bunkobon, akabon.
4. How important is manga to the Japanese publishing industry?
5. What was The Japan Punch?
6. Name the comic strip dog who served up propaganda during World War II.
7. What was the plot formula for sports manga in the 1950s?
8. Why is Osamu Tezuka famous?
9. Name a TV cartoon produced by Mushi Production.
10. How is gekiga different from shonen and shojo?
11. In what way were creator’s rights in Japan different from those in the U.S.?
12. What is Barefoot Gen about?
13. What is Go Nagai’s most famous work?
14. Name the manga Hayao Miyazaki spent thirteen years on.
15. List two of Miyazaki’s anime.
16. Who is Rumiko Takahashi?
17. What is shonen ai?
18. How did manga get popular in the U.S.?
19. What are Fujoshi? [Note: BL (Boys Love) is generally used as an umbrella term for all the male-on-male romance written for girls and women. Shonen ai focuses on romance, whereas yaoi focuses on sex and includes explicit sexual content.]
20. The Fujoshi article does not use MLA format. What format does it use instead?
21. What is “flow”?
22. What are Stuart Hall’s three types of reading?
23. What was the primary research method of the Fujoshi study?
24. What are the three “dimensions” the study identifies?
25. What are dōjinshi?
26. What are aniparo?
27. What does 24nengumi refer to?
28. Who was the first male protagonist in a girls’ comic?
29. According to Edward Said, what is Orientalism?
30. What role did Christianity play in Boys Love of the 1970s?
31. Which scholarly field has dominated the discussion of manga in the U.S.?
32. What audience are Schwartz and Rubenstein-Ávila addressing?
33. What is kanji?
34. What are the two main reasons why educators should give attention to manga?
35. Why do librarians like manga?
36. What is New Literacy Studies?
37. What are the five spheres of manga?
38. Which sphere do the authors describe as “soft pornography”?
39. What are Noel Carroll’s two types of monster?
40. What does Carroll see as the difference between “horrific monsters” and fairy tale monsters?
41. What are chimera?
42. How did Shou Tucker create his latest chimera?
43. Why is manga monstrous to someone like Gotthold Ephraim Lessing?
44. Why does Eric Livingston refer to reading manga as a kind of alchemy?
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