Professional Development, Teachers’ Self- Efficacy and Differentiated Instruction

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Professional Development, Teachers’ Self- Efficacy and Differentiated Instruction Teachers’ perception on the role of school-based Professional Development (PD) in enhancing teachers’ self-efficacy in the implementation of Differentiated Instruction (DI)
• Introduction / background that contextualizes the problem statement, aims and research question(s);• Extensive and critical review of the literature that situates and frames the key terms of the proposed study, identifies gaps or inconsistencies in the literature a well as consolidates the research questions and their importance;• Research design that articulate the choice of the research paradigm and its rationale, and provides detailed explanation of the method(s) chosen for gathering data and data analysis which should support the goal of the proposed research and answer the research questions. Research instruments can be placed in the appendices; both appendices and references will not count towards your final word count.
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