Dining in the Dark

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Think about how your senses contribute to an everyday activity like eating. Choose a meal that you will, preferably, eat at home. Prepare your meal, set it in front of you while sitting, and then place a blindfold over your eyes. Remain blindfolded throughout the meal (from soup/salad through dessert). After the dinner is over, write about your experience by answering the following questions:
Rank the senses in terms of how much you relied on each, then tell how you used each sense. (feel free to answer this as a narrative rather than recreating this chart)SenseRank (1-5)
1 = relied on most;
5 = relied on least
How you used the senseHearingKinesthetic/VestibularSmellTasteTouchHow enjoyable was dining in the dark compared to dining in the light?What, if anything, did you do differently when dining in the dark than you would normally do when dining in the light?What sensory aspects of the experience did you like most?What sensory aspects of the experience did you like least?Would you dine in the dark again? Why or why not?What did you learn about in the sensation and perception readings in this unit that help you to understand this experience on a deeper level? Be sure to cite from the readings, using APA-formatted in-text citations. The last page of your paper will be your APA-formatted reference page.
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