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BE AWARE THAT YOUR ESSAY WILL BE REVIEWED BY THE PLAGIARISM CHECKER. We have been reading about poverty, misconceptions about blue collar workers, generational differences, and the perils of working from different perspectives and writers of fiction and personal narratives. Choose one of the following essay options or another from Chapter 5 and write an argumentative essay either agreeing or disagreeing with the writers. and we are agreeing with the author of A Generation of Slackers? Not so Much by Catherine Rampell REQUIREMENTS: Be between 3-4 pages long plus a works cited page Adhere to the standards of academic writing Be focused on the topic addressed with no reference to yourself (first person) or the reader (second person). AVOID PERSONAL PRONOUN REFERENCES. Include a clear and specific thesis statement and well-developed body paragraphs that support that thesis. Be typed in MLA format; Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, with a one-inch (not two or three inch) margin on all sides. Proper MLA heading and title A minimum of THREE entries (ONE original (readings) and TWO researched sources) on Works Cited page, using proper MLA citation rules (refer to your MLA handbook).