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Many people today have abandoned the hope of discovering such a ‘real story
Description To assist you in engaging with the course texts on a deeper level and to give you specific concepts from the reading to remember, please respond to the following reading questions. These questions do not need to be formatted according to APA, but please be sure that you have responded to them in complete sentences that reflect critical thinking and reflection, as well as a familiarity with your reading assignments.Bartholomew and Goheen note that “Many people today have abandoned the hope of discovering such a ‘real story.’” What do they mean and do you think they are correct? Why or why not? What are the biggest differences between a secular and a Christian worldview? Why is this an important question for this particular study of the Old Testament? What does the Creation account in Genesis tell us about God? What does it tell us about mankind? What is the meaning and significance of human beings as God’s image? What do Curtis and Eldredge mean when they contend that “In all our hearts lies a longing for a Sacred Romance”?