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Combating Discrimmination
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: Each student will produce a three-page critical essay of the readings assigned during the semester.  Students will use 11-12 point, Times New Roman font. The text will be double-spaced on 8.5×11 paper with 1-inch margins. Please use the following subheadings:
·         As an introduction, briefly state the main issue addressed by the articles.
·         In paragraph form, list three important concepts the author ties to issue(s) of concern.
·         Compare from a critical public policy perspective the information, ideas, or concepts discussed in the article(s).
·         From your perspective (remember, ALL academic writing is in the third person), do the recommendations of perspectives of the article effectively address the issue(s) of concern?
Common Errors to watch for include:

ü  Lack of conformity with the assignment (i.e., answering questions as posed, structuring the answer properly)
ü  Correctly spelled, but inappropriate words (i.e., a word that spell check approves, but is incorrectly used:  two for too)
ü  Run-on sentences
ü  Lack of capitalization at the beginning of a sentence
ü  Serious errors in punctuation
ü  Other serious grammatical errors
ü  Improper citation or failure to use citations
ü  Failure to properly use paragraph breaks
ü  Any misspelled words
ü  The use of imperatives
ü  Failure to use citations and quotations as appropriate
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