100 word positive response to the discussion question below, with 3 references…

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100 word positive response to the statement below. With 3 references.  
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, have successfully increased access to care in underserved rural communities by practicing at the fullest extent of their scope without mandated supervision, utilizing telepsychiatry practice, while expanding PMHNP rural mental health education and research to meet and absolve pressing rural mental health challenges (Finley,2020).Current evidence supports that rural mental health care improves when PMHNPs have full scope of practice, utilize telepsychiatry, engage in related scholarly, and have formalized education and training for rural health care delivery, which collectively answer the professional and moral call serving the underserved rural population with mental illness (Finley,2020). I chose to become a Mental health Nurse Practitioner, because it’s a passion of mine. I live in a rural area and would like to create a program for this area and the inner city where I also work. As a nurse practitioner I feel I can teach, educate and help each area, even though the needs are different. My heart goes out for the mentally challenged.DatabaseI recommend, Thoreau advanced search database in the Walden Library, so far, I have had a lot of luck with this database. I have used different search engines before however, Thoreau advanced search is a miracle worker for me. Thoreau, searches most of the library’s collection in one place. It includes articles, books, videos, peer reviewed journals and more. I could not name them all however, Thoreau search so many databases, I don’t have to scroll down and figure which to choose it does the work for me.ReferencesFinley, B. A. (2020). Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Meeting Rural Mental Health Challenges. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 26(1), 97.Walden University Library. (n.d.). Database A-Z Nursing. Retrieved October 4, 2019 from https://academicguides,waldenu.edu/az.php?s=19981