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What is the link between disruptive attachment and anxiety disorder?
disruptive attachment can lead to anxiety disorder. Since disruption leads to a sense of insecurity, such children are highly likely to feel vulnerable. Researchers also assert that children who go through this end up developing less urge to interact with their parents later in life. They tend to even ignore their mothers when they are close to them. They develop the belief that since these mothers did not offer a responsive association when it was needed, they are not likely to do so later in life hence their significance to their life is little. Clearly, even older people tend to develop certain opinions towards others based on the treatment they get from them. If people are not treated fairly, they imagine that this may happen again hence they prefer to keep a wide berth to avoid similar experiences. Children who are given a secure and consistent attachment tend to develop the capacity to regulate their distress later in life. They create a conviction that even if they do not succeed in controlling unpleasant situations, they can always get assistance from the attachment figure