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Case Study analysis In case study analysis you are expected to make recommendations and support these with evidence from the case and structured within the frameworks, concepts and theory of marketing. That is, we are interested in your recommendation AND we want to know the analysis and evidence that lead you to this recommendation. Knowing this allows us to assess if you have grasped the structures of marketing thinking. Read this case (2012 Shorewood Soup) we will begin addressing the questions below Read notes “2016 Case Analysis” as well as the notes on “Problem Statements”. In developing your responses, use the theory and concepts from this subject. At a minimum integrate theory from slides in week 12 (detailed marketing plan). Please follow case study method – see The Case Study Handbook: How to Read, Discuss, and Write Persuasively About Cases by William Ellet It is critical that your responses integrate the theory from this subject. Theory must be referenced. Do not provide a theory dump. This exercise requires you do demonstrate an “advanced and integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge” AQF Level 9 – Masters Note: your responses are to be based on material in the case. No external Market Research
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is accepted
Question one: What is the problem or the key issue in the case? You may list a range of symptoms however you must finish this question with a one or two sentence, marketing related, problem statement.
Question two: Undertake a brief situation analysis (5Cs). At the end of the analysis create an Active/Matrix SWOT (See topic 12).
Question three: Using segmentation theory, define the major segments and discuss the types of research of the segments you would like to see conducted to assist in development of your marketing strategy.
Question four:
a) Outline the objectives (SMART) for the organisation.
b) Explain your proposed marketing mix strategy for the organisation.
c) Justify your proposed strategy by explaining how your marketing mix strategy will overcome the identified problem (Q1) and achieve the stated objective. You are being asked to prove, with evidence and theory, that your proposed strategy will work.
Question five: Discuss any implications you envisage for the implementation of your proposed strategy. Attached is the case study (2012 Shorewood Soup) and some other materials from the subject (Topic 1, 2 & 3) to get references. do not get references from out side these 3 topics.