Coaster” as a problem in working with committees and teams.

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Coaster” as a problem in working with committees and teams. What are some effective strategies to deal with these types of individuals?
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In working with teams, Liebler & McConnell (2017) have identified the “coaster” as a problem in working with committees and teams. This individual “contributes minimally to the team’s work, if at all, but stands to share the credit when the team, carried forward by its productive members, registers successes” (p. 237).What are some effective strategies to deal with these types of individuals?ReferenceLiebler, J.G., & McCoinnell, C.R., (2017). Management principles for health professionals (7th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning
• What is a coaster According to Liebler and Mc Connell (2017),• What are the some of the strategies that can be used to deal coaster• The success of every team or committee depends on the level of cooperation among the members what is the effect of a coaster in the success of a team
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