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4 Feb

Evaluation and Reflection on Change | Good Grade Guarantee!

MGT540 Assessment item 3Evaluation and Reflection on ChangeValue: 50%Submission method options: Alternative submissionmethod
Due Date: 7 February, 2020
Return Date:Length: 3500 words (maximum) excluding reference list (or 700words for each topic question)
D- Define the key concept/s
E – Explain the concepts based on the questions asked.Ensure that you support your discussions with relevantacademic literatures
A – Apply relevant organisational examples
L – Link concept/s (if any)
R – Provide recommendations supported by academicliteratures
Provide at least 3-4 academic sources to support yourdiscussion
How to answer questions – (DEALR)
Option 1: At the beginning of answering the questions, set up thechange project scenario so that you don’t have to repeat the sameorganisation/business situation in each answer thus saving words. Thenlink each subsequent answer to the organisation/business situation youdescribed in the beginning. This option will only be viable if you aregiving all the examples from one change project.
Option 2: For each answer, include the organisation/business situationyou are relating that answer to i.e. describe the change project that youhave been involved with or researched, along with your analysis foreach answer. This option will be suitable if you will be referring tomultiple change projects.
Choose one option and explain thechange management project
It is important to engage with stakeholders in change work.
Give an example of a change project that you have beeninvolved with or researched.
Draw a stakeholder map using the two-dimensionalframework described in chapter 7 of your textbook.
What were the consequences of these positions for theoutcomes of the change project?
Did the project fail to analyse the key stakeholder positions?
If yes, analyse what could have been done differently? Ifnot, justify the choices.
Topic 5
Communication is a key process and a core skill in themanagement of change.
Give an example of a change project that you have been partof or researched.
Was the change planned or unplanned?
Critically analyse the behavioural style used by a changeleader.
Was this style appropriate for the context? If appropriate,justify the behaviour.
If not appropriate, suggest how it could have beenimproved.
Topic 6
Give an example of an organisational change that you haveexperienced perhaps as a manager of change or an employeeworking with a change or a business owner, or you canresearch the same.
Describe the model of change that was used. Criticallyanalyse the key elements that you observed.
Which elements did not work out as expected?
What recommendations would you suggest for a similarfuture change?
Topic 7
From a real-world (organisation) setting (could bewhere you work or worked, your own business, or theindustry in general), critically analyse and evaluate anappreciative inquiry approach that you haveexperienced or researched.
Topic 8
Reflect on your own understanding of the nature ofresistance, based on Topic 9.
Think about what you have come to understand to bethe meaning of resistance to change – what is it like?
What insights on managing resistance would you add,from your own experience of change or researched?
Discuss and analyse with the help of a problem that youhave encountered in yourorganisation/industry/business or research.
Topic 9
Discuss and analyse the role of ethical behaviour in achange management project that you have beeninvolved with in your organisation/industry/business orresearched.
Evaluate how ethics were compromised in the changeproject.
What could have been done to prevent this fromhappening?
Topic 9/10
Provide at least 15 academic sources to support yourdiscussion and/or 3-4 academic journal articles/sourcesfor each topic.
Use APA format
Ensure that you have less than 15% TURNITINsimilarity.
Refer to the marking rubrics in your Subject Outline

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