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4 Dec

Evolutionary theory | Good Grade Guarantee!

According to __, if a patient with hysteria knowingly tries to stop his or her symptoms but could not, then the source of the problem must be unconscious (beyond conscious awareness).
a. Konrad Lorenz
b. Lev Vygotsky
c. B. F. Skinner
d. Sigmund Freud
The first psychosexual stage is the _ stage, while the last one is the _ stage.
a. oral; genital
b. anal; latency
c. phallic; genital
d. oral; latency
Children ages six to puberty would be in Erikson’s psychosocial stage known as
a. autonomy versus shame and doubt.
b. industry versus inferiority.
c. integrity versus despair.
d. identity versus role confusion.
If a behavior is followed by , the probability of the behavior occurring increases, while if a behavior is followed by _, the probability of the behavior decreases.
a. reinforcement; punishment
b. punishment; reinforcement
c. assimilation; accommodation
d. accommodation; assimilation
__ theorists emphasize that human behavior is influenced by higher-order cognitive (mental) processes, including predictions about our own likelihood of success if we imitate a particular person’s behavior.
a. Social learning
b. Behavioral
c. Evolutionary
d. Psychodynamic
According to evolutionary theory, __ increase their reproductive success by increasing their number of sexual encounters, and thus, crave variety and prefer young, healthy, beautiful partners.
a. men
b. women
c. both men and women
d. neither men nor women
Which of the following is NOT one of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development?
a. sensorimotor
b. concrete operational
c. preconventional
d. formal operational
Dr. Gail is comparing the performance of children and adults across a wide variety of problem-solving tasks in order to learn how changes in attention, memory, language, and mental strategies account for age differences across the lifespan. Dr. Gail most likely advocates the __ approach.
a. bioecological
b. behavioral
c. contextual
d. information processing
_ proposed the zone of proximal development.
a. Albert Bandura
b. Jean Piaget
c. Lev Vygotsky
d. Uri Bronfenbrenner
Anoxic and nonanoxic infants are equally socially adjusted at age three years, but by seven years the anoxic group shows delays in social skills. Years later, this birth complication also significantly increases the risk of schizophrenia. This is an example of the __ effect.
a. washout
b. sleeper
c. cohort
d. third variable problem

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