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18 Oct

Explain the theory making sure to expand upon the main points including the strengths and…


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Specifically, a philosophy major writer needed a very important paper. Based on the below instructions the paper should be analyzed if it meets the requirements. The instructions are very important.1. Please choose one of the theories we have covered. Explain the theory making sure to expand upon the main points including the strengths and weaknesses, and explain how this theory can aid us in making ethical decisions. PLEASE BE AWARE: This is not an informal discussion post. This is a short essay. I will be looking for a detailed analysis of the theory you have chosen. Be sure you have addressed the following:1. Have you thoroughly explained the theory (Ask if someone who had never heard of this theory would have a basic understanding of it after your explanation)2. Have you explained how this theory works to help in making ethical decisions ( You may give an example, but be sure tit is brief and relevant).3. Have you considered the ways in which the theory may NOT be the best aid for ethical decision making (Does it exclude considerations for animals, for instance?)Please be sure that any anecdotes or opinions are kept very brief. I am looking for a logical evaluation, not an explanation of how you feel about the topic.Be sure to use a theory that you feel comfortable with. This is not an opinion piece or a discussion, but a well thought out analysis that should include a precise explanation of the theory you choose, along with the strengths and weaknesses. You should avoid anecdotes and be sure you have an established structure. If you are unclear about how to write a short essay, please let me know and I will direct you to some good sources that will help you. Please, please, please, do not plagiarize this assignment. Every single semester I have several students who ignore me and choose to plagiarize. They are caught, they are given a zero and they usually fail the course. DO NOT BE LIKE THESE PEOPLE! This is an ethics class. Do not cheat. I am not looking for graduate-level work. I am looking to see that you understand the theory. That’s it. If you use quotes or take information from sources, please cite these sources clearly.

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