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12 Mar

Final Project Guideline | Good Grade Guarantee!

FINAL PAPERUse Font “New Times Roman” onlySize 12 Font onlyONE AND A HALF SPACEDOne inch margins all aroundYou must use APA citing for cited work.I will perform text data searches to find un-cited work.References must be listed in proper APA format on their own page in the backDo not grossly deviate from the flow chart structure on the next pageHave someone proof read your work. You WILL lose points for grammar, poor paragraph structure, split infinitive, dangling participles, etc.Good luck, I look forward to reading all your great work!
Title Page:
Introduction – Identify the problemwhat are you going to find out? What do you intend to prove, or measure?
Main Findings-Recap of data totals.Aggregate AND Percentage based statements and conclusions. Including tables, charts, graphs, pie charts…..
Methodology –What kind of research are you doing?Who is in your population?What kind of sampling are you using?Exact list of questions you are asking?Qualitative?Quantitative? Or both?List of responses they can choose from? Is it a Likert scale?What coding did you assign to their responses?
Historical data and oppositional or supportive researchRecap of data totals.Websites, peer review journals, books, periodicals. That either confirm or contradict your findings.
Analyze FindingsWhat can be learned from all your work?
RecommendationsWhat are your ideas to remedy the problem?
Conclusion restate your problem, what your research has shown, what improvements can be made to your methodology?
ReferencesMostly books, peer review journals, websites, periodicalsAt least 12-15

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>> 100% ORIGINAL PAPERS FROM AustralianExpertWriters.com <<