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19 Aug

Financial Accounting Analysis – NO PLAGIARISM

ou will be required to write a financial statement analysis report. Format outlined on our course outline
it will be open in the tomorrow morning and you will have the day to complete. It should not take more than 2-3 hours to complete.
please ensure you properly reference any external materials used
– proper grammar and punctuation is important.
– use of bullets or tables as summary tools will help
– maximum of 5 pages.
Exam is to be be done individually – reports will be submitted to an outside service provider to run comparison against other submissions to ensure originality. Reports found to be of substantial duplication will not be graded.
Attached is a list of the Final Exam questions. As you can see, this is a comprehensive analysis of a company’s financial reporting.
The exam will be 3 hours, and open book/ open course webpage / open online access. You will be required to access the company’s financial records (either on their website or through SEDAR.)
The company will be given to you at the exam, and you will complete your exam in Word/Excel.
This is a take-home exam, so you will be able to complete the exam during the 3 hour window provided to you. Ensure you have access to reliable internet.
You will find that 3 hours is not a lot of time if you are not familiar with the steps in analysis – so practice and review ahead of time is suggested.
If you need any course material,plesae let me know


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