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31 Jul

Financial management – Fundamental goal conflicts


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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
TCA 420-1003 Summer 2020
Homework #1
Student Name :
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Please complete questions using a word processing program (e.g. MS Word) or a spreadsheet program (e.g. MS Excel). Points for questions are shown below. All calculations must be shown for intermediate calculations. Homework #1 is due on July 25, Saturday by midnight. Assignments must be submitted on the Homework #1 folder at WebCampus. No late assignments will be accepted and/or graded. In your submission, please also return this cover page as the first page of your final output.
Points Distribution:
  Question 1
___  / 20
  Question 2
___  / 20
  Question 3
___  / 20
  Question 4
___  / 20
  Question 5
___ / 20
   ___ / 100
1.      (20 pts.) A primary goal of financial management is to maximize the value of the stock of the firm. Do you think this fundamental goal conflicts with other goals such as avoiding unethical or illegal corporate behavior? Consider a hospitality company’s responsibility to its social environment and explain how issues like employee … Read the rest
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