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15 Sep

focus on the use of information systems


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Description:The business analysis paper should focus on the use of information systems within the company Netflix. And the paper should focus on how information systems contributed to that success. Your paper should answer the following areas: Industry Profile :What is the industry? What value does the industry provide to its customers? Include an analysis of the competitive landscape of the industry in terms of the Porter Competitive model. (Porter’s 5 forces)*** **Your paper should discuss each of the five forces that effect the competitive landscape of your company’s industry. Discuss why each of the forces plays a strong or weak role in the industry and give evidence to support your argument. Be careful to define the industry correctly. To do so, ask the question “with whom does your company compete?” Be careful that the definition is not too narrow. For instance, Charles Schwab is a discount broker and they obviously compete with other discount brokers like Quick and Reilly and Fidelity. But, they also compete against full service brokers and deep discounters. There is also a risk of defining the industry too broadly. For instance, total retailing in the U.S. is over $2 trillion a year. This includes everything that is sold to a consumer–groceries, automobiles, fast food, clothing, etc. There are sub-sections to the retail industry and these provide a better definition since they are consistent with the criteria cited above regarding who companies compete against. Automobile dealers do not compete with McDonalds or Safeway. oSome companies like Googleand Apple are major players in multiple industries. If you are studying a company like that, choose one industry to focus on, and make it clear in yourpaperwhich industryyou chose to focus on. Company Profile* (Netflix) What business is your company in, and what value does it provide its customers. In what ways is it different than its competitors? How has its history shaped what it can offer its customersthats unique in its industry?Hide

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