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21 Feb

For this assignment, you will select 10 topics that you find difficult to understand or…


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For this assignment, you will select 10 topics that you find difficult to understand or remember from the Exam 3 Concepts list to complete critical points on. CRITICAL POINTS ARE POINTS THAT ARE KEY TO THE TOPIC.
Using your textbook, look up essential/critical points on that topic. Note, selected points should be most essential over other points provided in textbook/modules. Write out the essential/critical points in COMPLETE SENTENCES on the worksheet. A minimum of THREE POINTS should be written in order to receive FULL credit.
Topics :-Define ABCT and differentiate the components involved within each level-Identify Pulmonary Physiological Responses to acute pain-Identify etiologies for skin color changes: pallor-Identify how cardiac output affects blood pressure-Identify and understand each component of mnemonic PQRSTU and its place within the health history-Identify order and tasks of each step of the Nursing Process-Identify Primary skin lesions: Macule, Papule, Vesicles-Identify clinical manifestations of Bell’s palsy-Identify effects of Macular Degeneration-Identify clinical manifestations and description of acute coronary syndrome-Differentiate breath sounds (bronchial, vesicular, bronchovesicular) and their locations-Identify changes that occur in the nose, mouth, and throat of the aging adult

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