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15 Sep

Freedom of speech in the early American republic


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“The Sedition Act thrust freedom of expression to the center of discussions of American liberty.” Defend thisstatement. Does the controversy about whether it’s okay to criticize the government in a time of crisis relevantto the times we are living in right now? Be sure to include in your response a discussion of The Alien andSedition Acts (July 6, 1798)https://services.wwnorton.com/aws/pdf?file=/wwnorton.college.public/history/am-docs/alien-sedition-acts.pdfand the Protest Against the Alien and Sedition Acts” in the Voices of Freedom.• You do not need to make formal citations for the papers as you will NOT be using outside sources. Only useFoner and the documents. A simple parenthetical citation with the book(s) you used and the page number willbe sufficient. Example: (Foner, p. 47) (Source Name) Again, Outside sources are PROHIBITED
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