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24 Mar

functional areas in developing a… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Critically discuss the involvement of the functional areas in developing a change plan
All the functional areas of the organisation must be involved in the change process. The leaders, sponsors, and other stakeholders of the organisation play a critical duty during transition time. As such, the team tasked with the responsibility of spearheading the change process must develop a robust plan for all the players. Some scholars argue that sponsors are the most important factors in propelling the organisation towards the desired change. Moreover, the change coalition should make it clear to the executive regarding the specific duties they have to play throughout the transition process.Managers play a central role in motivating employees to ensure their participation in the change process. Unfortunately, despite being critical to the change process, many managers tend to be difficult to convince on the importance of the change. As such, managers can be a major source of resistance to the transition process. Therefore, the team leading the change process must first employ all possible strategies to gain the support of the organization’s managers. Individual change management activities should be used to help these managers through the change process.

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