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8 Apr

Global Business Today


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Below are 3 questions that require citations and 250 minimum word responses. The text book is…… If there are any additional questions please feel free to message me. Thank you for your time! Required Text: Global Business Today, 11th Edition by Charles W.L. Hill and G. Thomas M. Hult 1) Why should corporations pursue international markets? Please provide three reasons and cite the course textbook, and Financial Times video, “End of the Chinese Miracle” in your response.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t487ILVf87k   2) In what kind of industries does a localization strategy make sense? When does a global standardization strategy make the most sense? Give an example for each, and cite the textbook in your response.   3) Entrepreneur Magazine publishes two annual rankings of Franchises, one for the US, and one International. The International one lists the top ranking 200 Franchise 500 companies that are seeking international franchisees. Each company listing includes an overview of the company, as well as how much investment is required to open up a franchise, what type of support is provided, and the type of financing available.  Complete this quick research task: 1.     Find the ranking site online, then find the sub ranking of fastest-growing global franchises. 2.     Pick one company from this list that’s interesting to you. 3.     Find the MPI (market potential index) page on globaledge. 4.     Identify three MPI dimensions that would be important for the company franchise you chose. 5.     Look at the MPI table and based on the rankings (and everything else you know about countries on the list), which country would you chose to open a franchise in? 6.     Provide brief justification for your choice of country. It’s ok if there is already a franchise open in that country.
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Global Business Today
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