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16 Sep

Historian Gordon Wood note


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Historian Gordon Wood note something that is unfortunately something we witness daily. We will always have people who believer something else is right or take something a different way than you view. I think this is a constant issue we have today that some people take to extreme. Our Bill of Rights emphasize what America is. It allows us to form our own opinions and express it in the ways we believe. Sadly, some people take this to extreme. Professor gave the example of burning the flag. On average most people would see this as something terrible. But then you have the people who view it as a way to express their opinions. Another example that comes to mind is those who chooses to kneel during the national anthem. I do see some people trying to get their point across with what is happening in the world daily. But my mind instantly goes to our men and women who are sacrificing so much to protect those rights you have. Those who never make it home, those who are injured or tramitized for like, the one who didn’t make it home in time to see their child born, and something I have personally witnessed-someone who is gone for so long they miss milestones their child achieves such as crawling, walking, and talking. Comment as you see fit. Min 50 words or more

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