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6 Feb

History of Databases AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Database Technology –Introduction :Week 1 — History of Databases –
The first laboratory session is designed to familiarize you with different database systems and in particular look at the evolution of databases throughout the years. In particular you should discuss file based, hierarchical, network, relational and object oriented models and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. This research will take longer than your allocated laboratory session and should be finished in your own time.
Assessment Details :
This work is assessed and should be completed individually; this will form a chapter of your final report.
Over the following page is a marking criteria that may help for this section. This is not the official marking criteria and should be used as a guide only. You will use this marking criterion next week when you will be formatively assessing another student’s work. This will reinforce your understanding of marking criteria and give you insight into anything you may have missed from your own report.
Style :
There is no word count for this section of the report and you must present your findings in report style, thus you are not writing a reflection or an essay, you will need to keep your work concise and avoid writing in first person style. Formal and appropriate language should be used throughout.The minimum structure for the report can be found on the course website in the assessments section. The report structure contains the absolute minimum requirements in order to achieve a pass for the report; you will add relevant sections as appropriate.
Referencing :Harvard referencing must be used throughout. Do NOT copy and paste anything from the intent. Any work that has been paraphrased should also be referenced. Any images used (that are not your own creation) should be referenced. You must ensure your

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