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20 Nov

HNN301 Mental Health Promotion


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Purpose Of Assessment Task
A socially inclusive society is based on the fundamental values of equity, equality, human rights, justice and freedoms (UNESCO, 2018). It is estimated that costs related to social exclusion in Australia exceed $45 billion (AHRC, 2019). It is important that registered nurses are aware of mental health promotion approaches to promote social inclusion and reduce or prevent mental health complications that can arise due to social exclusion. Focusing on people who are homeless, this assessment will enable you to demonstrate knowledge of social exclusion, its impact on mental health and one mental health program to promote social inclusion among homeless populations.
Task Description:
Discuss the impact of social exclusion on mental health for people who are homeless. Discuss current strategies to alleviate social exclusion and homelessness, your discussion must include an explanation of one (1) Australian mental health promotion program designed to promote social inclusion and mental health among homeless populations.
Instructions for this assessment task:
access relevant contemporary mental health promotion literature to support your discussion;
explore current peer reviewed literature examining the impact of social exclusion for people who are homeless;
search the literature to identify a mental health promotion strategy to promote social inclusion for people who are homeless;

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