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26 Mar

How does each of four… | Good Grade Guarantee!

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in A Butcher’s Tale, Helmut Walser Smith outlines how the people of Konitz influence legal proceedings related to the murder of Ernst Winter and how public opinion was, in turn, influenced by journalists and those in the community who assumed that the murder had to have been a ritual murder performed by Jews. Discuss four specific and distinct scenes in A Butcher’s Tale where you see public opinion influencing legal proceedings or see public opinion influenced by opinion makers from either within Konitz or from outside. For each of the four scenes, describe what is going on, who the players are and what changes as events evolve. How does each of the four scenes that you have selected comment on Helmut Walser Smith’s ideas that anti-Semitism is rather easily resurrected from a latent state and made a part of ordinary peoples’ world view. Your essay should be 2-3 pages (typed, double spaced). Please cite the source (page number) from where your evidence comes.

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