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16 Jan

How much families spending on… | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment DescriptionDue Dates: Final report submitted via Turnitin on Monday of week 9, 15:55pm AESTSoftware Required: Microsoft office and Excel. The assignment is to be completed in Word andconverted to a PDF file (see assignment submission section for more details). The report should bewritten in 12-point font with 1.5 line spacing.Learning outcomes: Basic analyticsBusiness Scenario: A nutritious diet is important at any stage of life, however it can be expensive incomparison to unhealthy options. A Californian Health professional is concerned about food affordabilityand if any cultural group appears to be disadvantaged. The manager has several questions, i.e.• How much are families spending on average on nutritious food.• Do people of a particular race spend more of their total income on food than others?• Are families in some counties of California spending more on food than others on average peryear?In order to answer these questions a study was carried out by a research team in California. Theaverage cost of a “market basket of nutritious food items”, as well as income and other variables wascollected for “female-headed households with children” during 2006 to 2010. We have extracted asubset of variables. The exact variables are

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