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12 Nov

HSYP806 Systems Science in Healthcare – NO PLAGIARISM

Explain how informal and formal research can be used to develop quality customer service. Provide an example for each research method.
November 12, 2019

D31VR Value and Risk Management ASSIGNMENT Value and Risk Management of New-build Hotel development
November 12, 2019

HSYP806 Systems Science in HealthcareAssessment Task 3: Health Intervention Evaluation PresentationDue: 12 noon Thursday 14th November 2019 (Week 14)Weighting: 40% (30% content and notes; 10% visual design and presentation)Length: 10 PowerPoint slides, no more than 15 minutes of presentation timeDetailsSelect one of two health interventions described below and prepare an evaluation plan using the six-stepmethod covered in weeks 7-8 (Evaluation Methods).Choose one (1) of the two interventions:1. Family planning intervention. By dialling a toll-free number, callers (women in a community) canspeak to a trained educator to get accurate information about the correct use of family planning methods,how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and the location of the nearest family planning clinic.2. Telehealth – dermatology advice to community health care workers. Community health care workersuse a camera and laptop to capture and send images of patients to dermatology specialists located in themajor teaching hospital of the region. The dermatology specialists then provide the health care workerswith diagnostic and treatment advice and the location of specialized dermatology clinics and specialistDermatology physicians in the patient’s region.Imagine you want to explain to a mixed audience of health professionals, how you would evaluate one ofthe health interventions above, by using a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation.11/12/2019 52132 – HSYP806 Systems Science in HealthcareAssessmenthttps://www.australiabesttutors.com/Recent_Question/52132/HSYP806-Systems-Science-in-HealthcareAssessment-Task 3/7The assignment must include:10 PowerPoint slides with each slide including accompanying text in the notes section of each slide.· The accompanying text, in the notes section of each slide, should be comprehensive and explain in-depththe information contained on each slide. Full explanations, particularly in relation to the evaluation six (6)steps, are required to elucidate the material on the slide.· There should be at least one slide for each of the six (6) evaluation steps listed below.· You need to include an introductory slide where you describe the intervention (in more detail than islisted above), how it works and who it is designed to help.· One slide will be used to list your references.Six Evaluation Steps:Step 1 Identify the change/outcome desired for the intervention and formulate evaluation questionsStep 2 Identify the boundaries and dimensions of your evaluationStep 3 Select comparison groupsStep 4 Select techniques for measuring the change/outcome desiredStep 5 Plan the organization and conduct of your evaluationStep 6 Report the results of your evaluationReferencingPlease refer to the Unit Guide on iLearn particularly in relation to academic integrity and assignmentguide. It is essential that any resources, journal articles, reports, books, web pages etc. referred to in yourassignment are appropriately referenced using the Vancouver citation style. Software is used to check allassignments for plagiarism.What you must submit:You are required to record yourself presenting the slides in PowerPoint and to upload ONE PowerPointfile that contains:1. The PowerPoint presentation (10 slides maximum) with a voice-over recording (no more than 15minutes in length)2. The PowerPoint slides and notes pages accompanying each slideInstructions on how to record yourself in your PowerPoint presentation are included belowGuide for assessment/marking of assignment 3There are two (2) marking rubrics for this assignment (page 3).One guide is for the content of the slides and the notes pages (30%) and one guide is for the visual designof the Power Point slides and the presentation audio voiceover (10%).Guidelines/tips for PowerPoint slides and notesKeep it Simple· Use only one message per slide. If you have more than one message, add a slide.· Limit the amount of text on each slide – no one wants to read a JAMA article during your presentation.· Use only elements that add to the content of the message. Use graphics that clearly support yourmessage. Good graphics can significantly add to learning, bad graphics can confuse and distract youraudience.· Maintain a consistent design with regard to colours, font styles, and graphics.· You might use a formal typeface like Palatino and a symmetrical layout for a serious issue or you coulduse a casual font like Comic Sans and an asymmetrical layout for a lighter topic.· Notes pages should provide sufficient detail to describe and explain the information on theaccompanying slide. Slide Design· Each slide should endeavor to address a single concept· Slides should follow a logical progression, each building on the other· Preferably use no more than six lines of text on any one slide· Use upper and lower-case text, NOT all caps· Choose a colour appropriate to the mood you want

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