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12 Jun

Human Resources Manager


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General Managers BriefMeetingPresentGeneral ManagerChief Financial OfficerHuman Resources ManagerTopicDevelopment of a coaching strategy and coaching programDialogue from General Manager“Recently management conducted an annual formal performance review and identified that theorganisation is facing some performance issues. “After identifying the underperformance of our employees, we have identified several causes:• Inability to achieve performance targets.• Communication barriers.• Inability to achieve work/life balance• Employees participation in decision making.• Teamwork issues.• Lateness, absenteeism, leaving without permission.To manage the underperformance and increase the skills base of our employees, we have decided toprovide coaching.To do so, we want a coaching strategy and coaching program in place that can help with the following,this programs aim is to develop, the following:• Increased Performance Management• Development of employee confidence• Implementation of work/life balance• Improve communication skills• Improved teamwork• Improved decision-making• Increased productivity• Increased employee engagement

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