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16 Sep

ICT272 Web Design and Development Assignment – King’s Own Institute, Australia Subject Learning Outcomes –…


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ICT272 Web Design and Development Assignment – King’s Own Institute, Australia
Subject Learning Outcomes –
a) Apply ASP.NET to design static and dynamic web pages to meet design principles and user requirements.
b) Use SQL and ADO.NET to interact with a database and display and update data.
c) Apply Mobile specific views for mobile website design using jQuery Mobile development framework.
d) Apply user controls and evaluate approaches to validating user input.
Assignment 1: Create a Static Website
Purpose: To develop static Web pages using appropriate technology. Students are required to develop a simple website using XHTML and CSS. Students must provide the functionality specified, produce the layout specified and use the data and images provided on the course website. The designed website must have a consistent look and feel. A CSS style sheet will help you achieve this. This assessment contributes to learning outcome a.
Topic: Create a Basic Business Website
Task details: WEBSITE
Create an online consultative site, listing Solutions and Services following below guidelines: It must be created using Visual Studio
All Pages –
must have a Menu at top using CSS to link to all other pages,
optional footer section
Main Page –
should include some introductory information and 2 Call to Actions
Solutions –
To list the solutions offered and any packages
Services –
To list services provided by the business.
Request Demo –
Use some Text inputs and labels, to let users explain their requirements and provide contact information to setup a demo
About Us –
Must explain the purpose of the website and the explanation of the layout.
The website should use HTML and CSS and ASP controls only for the Request Demo page.
Assignment 2 (1,000 words) –
Part A Create and test a Responsive design website using JQuery Mobile.
Part B – Document the concept and implementation in a report.
Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can develop dynamic website. Students are also required to install jQuery mobile; create bundles for mobile views; design layout for mobile views; design products page for mobile; and design category wise products page for mobile. Students are required to develop, test and maintain a dynamic Internet application for business using an integrated suite of software tools.
Topic: Create and test a dynamic website
Task Details: Website
Part A – Create a web application similar to Assignment 1, but using JQuery Mobile as the framework
– Use JQuery by referring to Microsoft CDN or Google Code
– Design layout for Mobile views
– The design should follow the Responsive Design context
– Use Master Page to keep Menu and Footer same for all pages
– Use data-role(page) and content pages to create different pages
– Website should be responsive when accessed on different devices
The website should use JQuery mobile and ASP.NET controls.
Part B – Document the concept and implementation in a report
Assessment purpose: To allow students to prepare a report and demonstrate their work completed in pad 2A.
Assessment topic: Website report and presentation
Task details: Prepare a report on the website project created in Assignment 2 – Part A.
Report should be properly structured and formatted to show different sections
The sections to include:
– Responsive Design concept
– How you used JQuery Mobile to implement the responsive Design
Any considerations or techniques that you used for specific design issues.
Report needs to be presented in the lab along with the website.
Note – Page 10 assignment 2 Or page 7 you can check description.
Attachment:- Web Design and Development Assignment File.rar

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