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10 Jun

ICTNWK410 Install hardware to a network


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Details of Assessment
Term and Year
Time allowed
Assessment No
2 of 2
Assessment Weighting
Assessment Type
Report Writing
Due Date
9 AM AEST 2 June 2020(Excluding Part B)
Blackboard Collaborate
Details of Subject
ICT40118 Certificate IV in Information Technology
Subject Name
Wireless Network
Details of Unit(s) of competency
Unit Code (s) and Names
ICTICT401 Determine and confirm client business requirements
ICTNWK405 Build a small wireless local area network
ICTSAS307 Install, configure and secure a small office or home office network
ICTNWK410 Install hardware to a network
Details of Student
Student Name
Student ID
Student Declaration: I declare that the work submitted is my own and has not been copied or plagiarised from any person or source. I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasks. I am also aware of my right to appeal. The feedback session schedule and reassessment procedure were explained to me.
Student’s Signature: ____________________ Date: _____/_____/_________
Details of Assessor
Assessor’s Name
Assessment Outcome
Assessment Result
Competent Not Yet Competent
Feedback to Student Progressive feedback to students, identifying gaps in competency and comments on positive improvements:
Assessor Declaration: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student. Student attended the feedback session. Student did not attend the feedback session.
Assessor’s Signature: ___________________ Date: _____/_____/________
Purpose of the assessment
The purpose of this assessment is to assess the student in the following outcomes:
Competent (C)
Not yet Competent (NYC)
ICTSAS307 Install, configure and secure a small office or home office network
2. Install and configure hardware and software
2.1 Develop installation plans with prioritised tasks and contingency arrangements for installation of components with minimum disruption to client
2.4 Install and configure computer and other hardware according to network design and industry standards, using knowledge of relevant installation and configuration tools
2.5 Install and configure network software according to network design and industry standards
2.6 Install and configure other software according to network design and industry standards
3. Configure and test network
3.1 Troubleshoot client-side connectivity using appropriate networking settings to review relevant network tools
3.2 Test installed software and hardware, using available networking tools to ensure components function as expected
3.3 Test network settings to ensure network is functioning according to specification
3.4 Resolve problems identified in testing process
4. Secure network
4.3 Troubleshoot different types of security intrusion symptoms and issues
5. Document completed work, hand over to client and obtain client approval
5.2 Document installation, boot up and configuration procedures as per client requirements
ICTNWK410 Install hardware to a network
3. Install network hardware
3.1 Conduct installation with minimal disruption to clients
3.2 Install hardware according to appropriate installation procedures
3.3 Configure and test the installation to ensure that it meets client needs
4. Provide instruction and support for installed products
4.1 Determine and document client instructions and needs
4.2 Provide one-to-one or group instruction to client and users as required
ICTNWK405 Build a small wireless local area network
2. Select, install and configure wireless access point
2.1 Select access point device based on current and future client needs
2.2 Install and configure access point to provide wireless access to network
2.3 Configure services
2.4 Test access point and verify wireless connection and security arrangements
2.5 Select, install and configure appropriate wireless card where necessary for legacy equipment
3. Configure network
3.1 Configure security and other key parameters consistent with commercial and business requirements
3.2 Test security and firewall arrangements with appropriate test equipment
3.3 Test the network with user equipment for general compatibility and access
4. Train users
4.1 Determine devices to be connected to the network
4.2 Demonstrate how pairing and log-on arrangements are established to user
4.3 Inform users of wireless network etiquette and traffic capacity issues
4.4 Develop user documentation
5. Monitor and administer wireless network
5.1 Monitor wireless network performance using diagnostic tools
5.2 Debug networking issues to maintain trouble-free wireless connection
5.3 Document current settings and store securely
Assessment/evidence gathering conditions
Each assessment component is recorded as either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC). A student can only achieve competence when all assessment components listed under “Purpose of the assessment” section are recorded as competent. Your trainer will give you feedback after the completion of each assessment. A student who is assessed as NYC (Not Yet Competent) is eligible for re-assessment.
Resources required for this assessment
Computer with relevant software applications and access to internet Weekly eLearning notes relevant to the tasks/questions
Instructions for Students
Please read the following instructions carefully This assessment has to be completed In class At home The assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor. Feedback on each task will be provided to enable you to determine how your work could be improved. You will be provided with feedback on your work within two weeks of the assessment due date. All other feedback will be provided by the end of the term. Should you not answer the questions correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed competent for this unit of competency. If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor. Please refer to the College re-assessment for more information (Student handbook).

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