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14 Sep

Identify a list of possible variables that influence percentage increase in salary.


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Providing an overall summary of the following two variables:1.1. Percentage increase in salary (PercentSalaryHike)1.2. Attrition2. Identify potential variables that may influence PercentSalaryHike:2.1. Identify a list of possible variables that influence percentage increase insalary. Which three independent variables have the more impactful linearrelationship with PercentSalaryHike? What form of relationship(s) existbetween the independent variable(s) and PercentSalaryHike? Are there anypotential multi-collinearity problems? If so, which variables are they?2.2. Build a regression model to estimate percentage increase in salary.2.3. Perform residual analysis. Based on your residual plots, does there appear tobe any problems with the regression model?3. Hugo has performed some preliminary analysis and discovered that theperformance rating is a significant predictor of the Percentage increase in salary.Prior research shows that the strength of the relationship between performancerating and percentage increase in salary may vary according to satisfaction withthe job. Generally speaking increased job satisfaction creates a more productiveworkforce as they are more motivated to improve their job performance.

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