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3 Dec

Identify the question number, but do not write the questions. Your answers should be primarily based… – NO PLAGIARISM

1) Identify the question number, but do not write the questions. Your answers should be primarily based on the reading assigned.
2) You can strengthen your arguments by doing library research. When you use external sources, you must use scholarly articles in the peer reviewed journals. You should NEVER use
Wikipedia or other unreliable sources [The built-in system in Pilot will detect them
3) To demonstrate your understanding of the reading and other course materials, you may cite the specific concept, phrase, or sentence in the reading or other course materials when you support your arguments. Don’t cite a long sentence; it shouldn’t be more than 15 words in each directcitation. Make sure that you identify the page number so that I can verify your supporting
evidence in the reading.
4) Each your answer should be brief and to the point (approximately 90-125 words). You must
state word count at the end of each answer (e.g., Word Count: 125).
[#1] In the book, Racist America: Roots, Current Realities, and Future Reparations, Joe R. Feagin (2000) discusses the changes in the dominant racist ideology in contemporary America. (1) Define the meaning of racist ideology first, and then (2) discuss one of the main features of contemporary racist ideology with examples (e.g., denial, romanticizing the past, or fear of a multiracial future). [You can find the reading “Racist Ideology as a Social Force”[#3] Although race or racism is a pervasive presence in our everyday lives, talking about it makes us anxious and uncomfortable. (1) discuss why do you think it is so uncomfortable to talk about race or racism, and then (2) suggest how to make a conversation on race or racism without any embarrassment. To successfully write your answer, read “Why Americans Are So Uncomfortable Talking about Race” in the text (pp. 59-62) placed in Unit 08 in Pilot. You may find some ideas online: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/your-stories/conversations-on-race[#4] In the book, Racism without Racists: Color-blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (2010) challenges the common belief that “race no longer matters” in this post-Civil Rights era. [Alternatively, you may read the article, “‘I Did Not Get that Job Because of a Black Man…’: The Story Lines and Testimonies of Color-Blind Racism.” (1) Define what color-blind racism is, (2) identify how it is different from blatant or overt racism in the past, and then (3) choose one of the major story lines of color-blind racism to explain its functions or hidden assumptions. You can find the relevant readings, “Central Frames of ColorBlind Racism” and “Story Lines and Testimonies of Color-Blind Racism” in Unit 08.[#6] Watch a film, Crash, and write a film reaction paper explaining your reaction to a film. (1) Summarize main topics and story lines, (2) discuss how the film relates to or expands upon conversations about race and ethnicity, and (3) add your personal reaction to the film (e.g., what you have learned from the film; your personal observations of how issues discussed in the film are related or relevant to your own life experiences.)


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