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31 Jul

Identify the relevant tax issues


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Using the information below, prepare SC, Inc.’s 2019 Federal income tax return (Form 1120),including all needed supporting statements, schedules, and forms. Unless otherwise noted,assume SC, Inc. follows the policies of making all elections to minimize its current income taxesand, to the extent possible, of conforming procedures for financial and tax accounting. Roundamounts to the nearest dollar. If additional information is needed, make realistic assumptions andfill in all required data.While this assignment is not designed to be “tricky,” it may be difficult for many students, and itwill most certainly require a significant input of your time. The purpose of this project istwofold. First, your ability to examine the receipts, disbursements, and situation of taxpayers,identify the relevant tax issues, and determine the appropriate tax treatment, as covered explicitlyin the text, lectures, and homework, will be gauged. Second, completion of the project willrequire you to use forms and publications from the Internal Revenue Service to actually preparethe documents the taxpayer would be required to submit. As ACC 410 is largely focused on amore theory-based approach, rather than a practitioner-based approach, most of you have little orno experience completing actual tax forms. Completion of the project will aid in yourunderstanding of the translation of theory and concepts into practice and returns
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