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8 Apr

Importance of the functions of Integumentary System


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Advance the discussion or extend discussions already taking place. Responses must add new information not previously discussed. Pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Consider new factual information tied with critical thinking. Interesting and current research on the topic. Consider starting out posts with, “A research article I found said, Did you know, 3 things I found interesting were…”  it comes to the integumentary system it consists of the skin, hair, nails, glands, and nerves; three of which are things we pay close attention to daily. The integumentary system provides mechanical protection against environmental hazards. (Martini & Nath, 2009) Each function is important as they help retain body fluids, protect against disease, eliminate waste and regulate our body temperature. Imagine if your circulatory system didn’t work, you’d not be able to have the correct circulation to areas of the body leading the nervous system to not be able to work properly then causing the body temperature to not function correctly. I have this problem with having lymphedema in my leg as a result of not having the correct circulation and extra fluid retention my nervous system does not work as it should. The sense is not the greatest or in some areas is over sensitive to touch, many times I have cut myself and not known due to no feeling in that area; as a result the ability of my leg to regulate the temperature is not able as its hard for it to sense what it should do so usually it is warm to the touch. Without the functions our body can easily go downhill like a snowball effect when even just one small function is off, as each part plays a roll in making our body function.
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Importance of the functions of Integumentary System
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