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19 Nov

In which of the following dysrhythmias will the ST segment be indistinguishable?


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A.  ST segment depression is considered significant when the 
a. ST segment falls more than 1 mm below the baseline at a point one
small square to the right of the J point.
b. changes are seen in at least one or more leads facing the opposite
anatomic area of the heart.
c. associated T wave is inverted.
d. All of the above.
B.  On the following illustrations, draw examples of each of the items listed beneath the figures.
a. Inverted T wave
b. Depressed ST segment
c. Elevated ST segment
d. Enlarged Q wave
C.  Inverted T waves associated with myocardial ischemia
a. indicate the ischemia is present through the full thickness of the myocardium.
b. occur just at the start of the ischemia.

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