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19 Nov

indicate how the scale controls for the halo effect.


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The owner of Cupcake Delight, a mall kiosk location company that sells 20 different types of fresh cupcakes, soft drinks and coffee is concerned about low sales. She reads in a marketing textbook that the image of a store often has an impact on its ability to attract its target market. She contacts a marketing research company and commissions it to conduct a study that will shape her store’s image. You are charged with the responsibility of developing the part of the questionnaire concerned with store image. Design a semantic differential scale that will measure the relevant aspects of the image of Cupcake Delight. In your work on this scale, you must do the following:
(a) brainstorm the properties to be measured,
(b) determine the appropriate bipolar adjectives,
(c) decide on the number of scale points, and
(d) indicate how the scale controls for the halo effect.

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