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31 Jul

Induction and training package


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Induction and training package
Training requirements based on organisational needs (30-50 words)
In an Organisations employees have to have some requirements to lead a well professional life, some needs are like leadership skills, Innovations, communication, customer focus, risk management, team work and problem solving. If any employees doesn’t have these skills they need training.
Induction and training policies and procedures (100-150 words)
Induction and training policies: Induction or training is the first step for new employees to develop a relationship between senior employees and themselves. And also create a flexible work environment in a workplace. Organisation wants to feel comfortable with workplace to create more efficiency. And also ensure that all employees complete induction. The purpose of this induction is to introduce new employees to organisation and to work. Procedure: 1: Introducing organisation building Infrastructure: By introducing institute building infrastructure like paring place, sign in process, cafe, restrooms and work place like where to work. New employees feels familiar with institute, there is confusion between new employees and not any disturbance for senior employees. 2: Introducing team members: In an organisation team work is very important, but for new employees it is hard to settle with new and seniors. So from training period they will easily adjust in some period of time. 3: introducing to work: For new employees very hard to do work by their own, so giving some training on their work and skills. They will familiar with their work.
Expected outcomes and timelines (50-70 words)
TIME LINE OUTCOMES 0 to 1st month Familiar with work place and work 1st to 2nd month Learning required skills 2nd to 3rd month Doing small tasks and ready to do jobs
SWOT analysis to determine requirements and delivering the timeline (50-70 words)
SWOT is a acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. We do SWOT analysis before when we do new work or promote a new work. So by doing SWOT analysis for new employees, determine requirements are working skills, communication skills, team work and efficiency. These all are has to deliver in 3 month timeline.
Grievance/complaints procedure (50-100 words)
In an induction and training procedure lot of employees may face problems, so to make new employees comfortable we can introduce a complaint procedure. In a complaints procedure we can introduce lot of types 1: face to face type 2: indirect type 2.1: online 2.3: offline 1: face to face: in a face to face complaint type, new employment can give direct complaint to head official. 2: Indirect=> 2.1: online: they can give a complaint through emails or messages or in company communication softwares. 2.2: offline: in an offline we can write official letters to seniors.
Tools and equipment used during the coaching program
Physical documents Softwares Applications Social media platforms
Relevant contact numbers
Timetable for coaching sessions and meeting
time process outcome 0 to 1stmonth recruitment We will recruit coach and suitable coachees 1stto 2ndmonth Planning and implementing In this we will plan and train these coachees 2ndto 3rdmonth developing In a last period coaches will be ready for their work place
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