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16 Sep



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Answer the following questions (Include both questions and answers in your paper). You need to have a source cited for each question.1. Identify two ways that collective intelligence has implications for improving nursing practice. Explain the benefits. (cite one reference from a scholarly source)2. Provide an example from your assessment of the workplace describing how you have seen nursing practice improved by the use of professional computerized networking or social media.3. Find an internet site that interests you with an RSS feed. Create a news feed for the site. Discuss the reason you selected the website and the newsreader you used for the RSS feed.4. Conduct a literature search in a digital library to explore two workplace Informatics issues you have identified. Which search databases rendered the most informatics literature? Find an article for each that extends your understanding of those issues. Summarize how the literature recommends improving those issues. (cite the reference)
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