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16 Oct

Information technology


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Part A: Recent Attacks and Security Principles One area that has been especially frequent target of attacks is the information technology (IT). A seemingly endless array of attacks is directed at individuals, schools, businesses, and governments through desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones [1]. In this part of the assignment, select any two of the recent attacks (which happened in the years 2019-2020) from the Information is Beautiful World’s Biggest Data Breaches website https://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/worlds-biggest-data-breacheshacks/.. Carry out an in-depth literature review about these two attacks. Your discussion must address the following points with proper in-text citations. 1. Identify and discuss the main reasons for these attacks being successful. 2. Report the importance of key terms in the information security: asset, threat, threat actor, vulnerability, attack vector, attack surface in the context of these two attacks. 3. Analyse how could these attacks have been prevented if the five fundamental security principles- layering, limiting, diversity, obscurity, and simplicity- had been applied?Words range not less than 600.with IEEE citation.Guidelines? The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2.54 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings. ? Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.

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