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30 Nov

INSS 615.191 &ndash; PRINCIPLES &… | Good Grade Guarantee!

BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMSINSS 615.191 – PRINCIPLES & PRACTICES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMSDEVELOPMENTFALL SEMESTER, 2019EXERCISE #05NAME: ________________________________ DATE: _________________Instructions: Answer each question thoroughly. Points will be deducted for fragmentary answers. The weightassociated with each question is indicated next to the question. The completed assignment should be submitted inthe designated Drop Box by midnight on Sunday, December 1, 2019.1. As a software project manager in a company that specializes in the development ofsoftware for the offshore oil industry, you have been given the task of discovering thefactors that affect the maintainability of the systems developed by your company. Suggesthow you might set up a program to analyze the maintenance process and determineappropriate maintainability metrics for the company. (7 points)2. In the insulin pump system, the user has to change the needle and insulin supply atregular intervals and may also change the maximum single dose and the maximum dailydose that may be administered. Suggest three user errors that might occur and proposesafety requirements that would avoid these errors resulting in an accident. (10 points)3. Suggest how you would go about validating a password protection system for anapplication that you have developed. Explain the function of any tools that you think maybe useful. (10 points)4. Describe the role of class-oriented metrics in assessing the quality of an object-orientedsystem. (8 points)5. Explain why it is important to use diverse technologies to support distributed systems insituations where system availability is critical. (7 points)6. Explain why program inspections are an effective technique for discovering errors in aprogram. What types of error are unlikely to be discovered through inspections?(8 points)


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