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8 Feb

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Report AssignmentTutorOnline | Good Grade Guarantee!

Assessment Task 2 –Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Report (Written)Submission Details :Submitted via LMS by 5 pm on the due date
Grading Criteria and Feedback :
Criteria :
1- Executive Summary (The title page, table of contents and executive summary should be professionally organised. The executive summary needs to contain the purposes and structurally present the whole report in one page and in a few paragraphs) 5 Marks
2- Situation Analysis based on market Research (This section should demonstrate the ability to desk search for and use of relevant knowledge and skills required to critically examine a market, prospective consumers, industry, competitor and demand for a specific brand). [Discussion provided on Session 2] 5 Marks
3- IMC Objectives (Provide long-term goals where marketing campaigns are intended to drive up the value of your brand over time) [Discussion provided on Session 1] 5 marks
4- Target Audience (Target audience should be defined as summarized in lectures and drawing on your previous marketing segmentation knowledge) [Discussion provided on Session 2] 10 Marks
5- Develop an IMC plan to budget: using a minimum of three IMC variables one of which to include a broadcast, print or internet/ interactive media. Develop approximate budget for each variable. [Discussion provided on Session 4] 15 Marks
6- Develop a creative strategy and Mock-Up: detail and explain the rationale for your selected creative strategy. Design a creative mock-up of your broadcast, print or internet/interactive media campaign [Discussion provided on Session 9] 20 Marks
7- Develop a media schedule: for your broadcast, print or internet/interactive media campaign (table format required). Provide an overview of the theory and rationale for your plan [Discussion provided on Session 8] 20 Marks
8- Positioning Strategy: Show how your IMC plan contributes to brand’s Positioning or re-positioning [Discussion provided on Session 3] 5 Marks
9- Campaign Timeline: It will feature the strategies to be taken under the campaign within a set deadline. [use a Gantt chart] 5 Marks
10- Campaign Evaluation (An in-depth understanding of the expected outcomes, and relevant evaluations and marketing control variables are discussed. The assessment presents a detailed and focused summary of the ideas presented; drawing clear and well-thought-out conclusions.) [Discussion provided on Session 10] 5 Marks
11- Scholarly pursuit: Presentation, Grammar, Spelling and Referencing, Appendices All materials submitted must be fully referenced using the Harvard Referencing System and be written applying a formal report style. 5 Marks
Total – 100 Marks

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