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14 Jan

International Realty Company


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My international business venture will be an….”International Realty Company”.
Create an international business or international  venture outside of the U.S. (e.g., export/import, franchising, manufacturing, joint venture, etc.)Define the name, nature of the business, and brief background of the company and industry. Be sure this venture is created and is unique and innovative.State the specific target market for the venture.Create a strategic plan that includes the following (in any order you decide):An analysis of the competitive advantage of your venture (Why will it be successful?).A PESTLE analysis, or a similar business analysis process, of the host country.A 6- to 12-month timeline of your ventures expansion.A list of SMART goals.A summary of startup human resources and marketing concepts.A SWOT analysis of the venture that evaluates at least four challenges and advantages and/or opportunities and threats (e.g., cross-cultural, foreign currency, legal, etc.).Suggest recommendations to overcome the challenges and threats from the SWOT you conducted.
Must have at least 5 scholarly sources…
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