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5 Feb

Intro to Film | Good Grade Guarantee!

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PAPERDue: Feb 2 by 11:59PM
You MUST submit paper online
For this assignment you are required to write a 2-4 page paper about Inside art Man. Your goal is to write a paper arguing how the a of film (quality a make film distinct s an art form) contributes to a major message or theme of the film. Thus, your position on this theme/message and your connection to the art of film should both be a part of your argument/thesis statement (we will be going over further art of cinema tools in Week 3).
TIPS (also make sure to read the Writing Tips file found in the Week 2 materials):
• Focus on something small in a scene as opposed to taking on the whole movie
• think about how an element unique to this medium helps to communicate, extend or alter this idea
• Write a paper where the first paragraph should introduce your topic and end with your thesis statement/argument.Your argument should be the idea you think this film medium/form helps to communicate and why it’s best communicated through film
• In the body of your paper, describe and analyze the element’s you’ve focused on. Make sure to clearly explain how this description relates back to your argument and how it helps to prove your assertions.
• Finally, write a short conclusion

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