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30 Jul

Is there a challenge or obstacle that is impossible


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Collaboration: Evolution of emerging markets: Part 2 (2-week activity)Is there a challenge or obstacle that is impossible to overcome? As you might expect, entrepreneurs encounter any number of barriers that they must overcome in order to make their venture a success.As the last few weeks have shown, the prospect of pursuing such ventures in an emerging market creates a completely new breed of challenges. In fact, you may even live in an emerging market. Do you see any similarity to our module topics in your own environment? You may be aware of risks to your venture; have others overcome those risks? As the emerging market ‘emerges’ and becomes more sophisticated in finance, information and technology, will those risks lessen?As a graduate student of the University of Liverpool, the idea of insurmountable barriers might seem somewhat ludicrous, as your role is to identify, understand and create rational solutions to challenges. As an entrepreneur, you have the drive to succeed and may believe certain barriers are merely challenges to be overcome. Regardless, reflect on the emerging market you researched in last week’s Collaboration. Are there perhaps political, cultural or social barriers that you could never overcome? For this Collaboration, continue the discussions from last week and take a position as to whether insurmountable barriers, in regards to starting a venture, exist in your previously researched emerging market. Moreover, evaluate the risks of that market’s top three barriers.To prepare for this Collaboration:Review your Learning Resources with a focus on the barriers of starting new ventures within emerging markets.Review your Week 2 Learning Resources as necessary.Research your selected emerging market from the Week 2 Collaboration with a focus on barriers to starting a new venture.Identify the main barriers to starting a new venture within your selected emerging market.Reflect on the feasibility of any of these barriers being impossible to overcome.Reflect on how these barriers could be overcome.To complete this Collaboration:By Monday (Day 5)Engage in a discussion by posting and replying to each other’s posts (minimum three to five substantive responses you should aim to collaborate on three separate days).·         Identify the main barriers to starting a new venture within your selected emerging market.·         Explain which of your identified barriers to be the top three. Justify your reasoning using specific examples from the Learning Resources or your own research.·         Evaluate the risks associated with your top three barriers. Explain what you based your evaluation on and justify your reasoning.·         Explain whether any of these barriers are insurmountable and why.·         Recommend strategies for overcoming or mitigating the risks associated with your identified barriers.Fully justify all your assumptions and claims using your own experience, the Learning Resources or your own research. Cite your work using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System.Post 3-5 responses to your colleagues in which you:Ask additional questions about their posts and offer additional suggestions regarding strategies for overcoming or mitigating their evaluated risks.Offer contributions based upon your prior experience.Extend the discussion into new but relevant areas.Support any claims you make with evidence from the Learning Resources, your own research and/or your own experiences.Ensure that you spread your collaboration posts across at least three separate days of each week. This will help maximise the value of your collaboration with colleagues and serve to meet the Learning Objectives for each activity.Individual Summary:By Wednesday (Day 7)In an approximately 250-word response, address the following:Create a new post in which you provide a final summary of what you have learned from this two-part Collaboration.In your summary, address key themes, issues, debates and/or arguments regarding the long-term potential of a viable opportunity and how your personal values can contribute to a new business venture.Submit this summary to Turnitin and post it to the Collaboration Forum.To access the Collaboration Forum, click on the “Week 3 Collaboration Forum” link.To submit your initial response to Turnitin, click on the “View/Complete” link for Week 03 Collaboration Initial Response — Turnitin.Suggested Answer

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